lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Micro-Dandelion Construction Manual.

Tools and materials:
  • pliers (cutting and edge)
  • rule.
  • gotita (glue)
  • silicone gun.
  • dremel
  • Phillips screwdriver.

    Base Toy.

Solar panel.

Motor gears.

Base toys.

Micro-dandelion wheel.

Step 1: Disassemble parts to used.

Step 2: Removing excess plastic.

Step 3: Cut a solar panel wire, welding a switch to cut wire.

Step 4: Mount A in part C.

Step 5: Mount gear F1 under part A with the metal pin that comes with the screws.

Step 6: Mount one of the gear F2 next to gear F1.

Step 7: Mount the remaining gear F2 above gear F1.

Step 8: Mount F3 above the first F2 gear used.

Step 9: Mount B above C.

Step 10: Screw the two extremes of B and C with the screws that come in the toy.

Step 11: Paste the solar panel on top of the toy with adhesives that come in the toy.

Step 12: With the piece G pass a copper wire through 2 opposite holes (Repeat for the second wheel). Asks for help to instructor of you have doubts.

Step 13: Ensures copper wire in G with silicone and paste above D (repeat with E).

Step 14 : Each leg of Micro-dandelion must measure 5 cm (from the edge of the plastic),if exist a excess, cut the wire with a pliers.

Step 15: With the resulting copper wire in G mold the legs as instructor teaches you.

Step 16: Mount the wheels E and D to the pin of the toy base ( B and C), paste with gotita(glue) if necessary.

Step 17: Paste a wire tail to the Micro-dandelion (size choice)

Step 18: Paste the switch with silicone in the back side of the toy.

Step 19: Advises instructors to test if work your Micro-dandelion with the foci.

Micro-Dandelion test in MMArs

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